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XO Brass

XO Brass

Brass instruments with a character

Symmetry and precision combine with elegance and technical prowess to feast your eyes on. This is a true masterpiece, developed and built by thoroughly trained, creative and experienced craftsmen and musicians. The XO1240RLT bass trombone shown is quite simply the perfect combination of traditional, professional brass instrument manufacture with computer-aided and highly specialized production processes.

Materials are selected based on molecular metal research and processed using custom-designed heating and hardening techniques. The result: outstanding vibrancy and resonance in a consistently superior instrument. The instruments of this range are developed in close collaboration with world-famous musicians who were more than willing to share their preferences and requirements regarding pro-grade instruments.

Their valuable input and our relentless quest for superior playability turn every single model of our XO Sophisticated Brass series into a premium instrument you will cherish for many years to come. Every single instrument is produced and assembled to the most exacting quality standards: we want every demanding musician to feel and enjoy what the cover picture so eloquently illustrates: sheer character. 

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