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Wind instruments for everyone

For over 35 years, JUPITER has been developing and building wind and brass instruments to the most exacting standards for musicians of all levels. Countless innovative ideas launched by JUPITER, like the Waveline™ flutes and Ergonomic trombones, proved major breakthroughs. For such developments, JUPITER collaborates with internationally acclaimed musicians and highly qualified teachers whose input is solicited at every step along the way. The JUPITER offering comprises four series. Each and every musician—from entry level to seasoned pro—will be able to find an instrument that perfectly completes his or her needs and preference:

500 series
Sturdy instruments with a smooth response. Perfect for those who wish to learn an instrument.
The 500 series includes saxophones, trumpets and a tenor trombone.

700 series
Instruments that spark your ambition, passion, enjoyment and excitement. They support demanding players with a remarkable quality that goes way beyond their entry-level price tag. Among others, this series features the JTR700Q Bb trumpet, the worthy successor to the best-selling JP-606 Bb trumpet.
The 700 series includes the Saxonett®, flutes (the famous Waveline™ flutes and others), clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, cornets, tenor trombones (among them the popular Ergonomic trombones), valve trombones, baritone horns, euphoniums and tubas.

1000 series
These are instruments whose quality is akin to that of the 1100 Performance series. They satisfy even demanding players.
The 1000 series comprises flutes (with a solid-silver headjoint), alto flutes, a bass flute, a contrabass flute, bass clarinets, a soprano saxophone, a baritone saxophone, an Oberkrainer baritone, euphoniums, tubas, sousaphones and Marching Brass instruments.

1100 Performance series
Instruments built using special techniques and various materials to satisfy seasoned and professional musicians. The 1100 Performance-series instruments are intended for those wishing to maximize their performance options.
The 1100 Performance series includes alto flutes with a solid-silver headjoint, a bass flute, clarinets, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, trumpets, flugelhorns, tenor trombones with and without F attachment, bass trombones, double horns, compensated euphoniums, tubas, sousaphones and the Quantum Marching Brass instruments.

See www.jupiter.info for detailed information about the available models, maintenance instructions, fingering charts, videos and more.