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Quality control - Spare parts - Warranty

Quality control

Alle braze points are checked. The closing of the flaps is adjusted and the faultless functioning of the valves is controlled.

Our specially trained staff also examines carefully the lacquering and the varnish of the instruments. Each item is tested once it reaches our warehouse. Only first class goods are stored and delivered.

Spare parts

Several thousand spare parts are constantly available. Flaps, valves, springs and many other components are listed in our warehouse. Even the 0,6 inch screw, smaller than a mosquito has its own order number.

The great amount of JUPITER instruments sold by ARTIS MUSIC makes it necessary to offer special services for retailers. A specialized employee is taking care of all requests for spare parts concerning JUPITER instruments. Thus repairing and replacement of spare parts can be managed quickly and without delay.


Specialized employees in our in-house workshop do all kinds of repairing within the terms of the official warranty. They change the broken springs of flutes, adjust the valves of trumpets and replace the broken pads of saxophone flaps.

Damages due to transport or even processing defects are repaired in our workshop fairly and efficiently.