ARTIS MUSIC - one of the leading wholesalers

More than 250 instruments...

You may find (almost) everything here. ARTIS MUSIC offers more than 250 different kinds of musical instruments - from the simple flute for beginners up to the gold plated saxophone. ARTIS MUSIC is one of the leading wholesalers for musical instruments in Germany.

Since 2005 ARTIS MUSIC is working as a division of the MUSIK MEYER Distribution & Marketing Group - the leading wholesaler for musical instruments on the European market. ARTIS MUSIC cooperates with manufacturers in Taiwan, France, Japan, Tchechia, Great Britain, China and the USA. The goods are imported to Germany and distributed via the efficient in-house logistics center to the retailers in Germany and Austria.

ARTIS MUSIC - people caring for your instrument

A wide network of retailers

Each one of our four sales representatives is travelling more than 50.000 miles a year - five times the distance between Berlin and Beijing back and forth.

A wide network of retailers in Germany and Austria guarantees good sales of our instruments.

Our retailers are able to present permanently a great range of new products of our brands in their shops. Retailers can order by telephone or use our 24/7 internet service MM-FOS..


Trade fairs and marketing campaigns

ARTIS MUSIC is working on a long-term basis with leading manufacturers such as JUPITER, SELMER, ALTUS, AZUMI, GENEVA, STENTOR and V.F. CERVENY.

Trade fairs
ARTIS MUSIC is taking part in various international and local trade fairs for consumers and business as well.

Promotional campaigns
ARTIS MUSIC organizes promotional campaigns, contests for musicians and lotteries for instruments.



Websites and clinics

Each brand is represented by an own website, providing detailed information about the various products.

We offer clinics in music stores with professional musicians.

Cooperations with musicians
In close cooperation with musicians we present the instruments to the retailers and exhibit them on trade fairs.

Product development
Together with manufacturers we develop new products and take care of the commercial launch of new brands.